About Us

CRM Global (Card Risk Management Global) is a former fraud investigation and consulting agency incorporated in 1992. At that time we began offering on-site inspections for credit bureau and bank clients to confirm that the physical locations of merchants matches what has been put on their applications.

Since then, we have developed a network of more than 10,000 licensed Realtors® and field inspectors who reliably present a professional image. We realize that your customers perceive the inspection process as a reflection on you, which is why we insist upon the utmost professionalism from our representatives.

We offer prompt, personal service with quality results  There are no contracts or startup fees.  We have no affiliation  with any of your competitors.  Our system is a user-friendly, web-based ordering and retrieval system.  No inspection ever turned down!

Contact us today to schedule on-site inspections for your credit reporting agency, bank, or screening company. Use our Contact form or call us direct at 800-699-2764.